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Nutima Integrative Medicine is a state of the art facility offering vitamin infusions and injections, medical massage, naturopathic care, and over 300 herbal medicines and supplements, all designed to help you live your life to its fullest potential!

Our providers specialize in; gastrointestinal disorders, genetic medicine, weight loss, prostate cancer and other men's health, chronic kidney disease and other kidney issues, anxiety and depression, natural approaches to neurology and the gut-brain connection, sexual dysfunction, pelvic pain, cardiovascular disease and LGBTQ+ informed care.

Dr. Danielle Miller is the founder and Medical Director of Nutima Integrative Medicine. Dr. Miller treats a wide variety of conditions such as digestive problems, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalances, weight loss, depression, anxiety, and many others.

Dr. Lauren Gresham specializes in sexual medicine, natural cardiology, as well as primary care for LGBTQ+ patients. She is also a Certified Community Health Educator Specialist and regularly speaks at events.

Dr. Eric Yarnell is a noted authority specializing in men’s health, urinary tract problems, and kidney problems. Dr. Yarnell has published hundreds of articles and textbooks in urology and related fields and is internationally recognized for his work.

Karen James is a level 10 Masters in Medical Massage, specializing in lymphatic drainage, oncology massage, TMJ massage, pre and post pregnancy massage and all other forms of massage.


Dr. Danielle Miller
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