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About Us

Who We Are:
We are a small, locally-owned café with a big love for good coffee, good food, and good company. When we source our coffee beans, we rotate between local roasters to offer an ever-changing menu of unique, hand-crafted espresso drinks. We think high-quality coffee should be as easy to understand as it is to enjoy ? we aim to be a source of education about the roasting and brewing process, and all the different ways you can make a cup of coffee. We also offer counter service breakfast and lunch fare that is simple and health-minded, fresh juice cold-pressed in house, and açai bowls topped with granola and fresh fruit.

Our Goal:
Our goal is simple: take fresh, local ingredients and turn them into eats and treats that are good for both the body and the soul. We wanted to offer Edmonds a menu that is not only fun to eat, but also that you can feel good eating. For us, this means more than just the food itself. We believe that to serve truly great food and great coffee, you must also serve your community. That?s why we source everything we can from other locally-owned and operated businesses.
We might be a bit crazy to open in the middle of a pandemic, but now more than ever we believe in the importance of food that?s good for you and the indulgence of life?s simple pleasures. Now is the time to drink immune-boosting, cold-pressed juice, or to sit with a giant slice of avocado toast and savor every egg-yolky bite.