Classroom Helper, Inc.



About Us

Our Philosophy: At Classroom Helper, we believe in fostering a love for learning. We hope to help children identify their interests and passions. We provide play-based learning to help spark interests in topics, particularly in the STEM field. We focus on real-world applications to the current educational standards. We demonstrate and teach kindness, compassion, tenacity, among many other attributes for good citizenship.

Our Approach to Learning: We’re aligned with state of Washington standards for English/Language Arts and Mathematics. We focus on STEM-based learning activities and encourage students to identify their topics of interest within those categories. With patience, love, and kindness, students can discover their strengths and work hard to overcome challenges when learning new material. We want students to embrace failure and become grittier so that challenges along the way are met with tenacity and a can-do attitude.

We incorporate gardening and horticulture through STEM-based learning activities.

Youth are also encouraged to participate in our youth leadership training.