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Dynalogic Personal Services specializes in assistance to individuals and businesses wanting help with their financial record keeping, bill paying, organizing, budgeting, financial planning and other tasks that require a reliable and trustworthy person to handle. Dynalogic has been a Seattle business since 1980 and takes great pride in their accurate work and integrity. Jim Blakeway, a longtime Shoreline resident and active community member, is the President of Dynalogic and enjoys helping people and businesses be more successful in their endeavors.

Dynalogic Personal Services is a member of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, a national organization that holds its members to a strict code of ethics. Typical DMMs are expected to handle bills and banking, create a budget, organize tax records, manage health-insurance claims and check for errors on financial statements. Dynalogic provides these services in addition to many other tasks, so their clients can concentrate on working, taking care of their family, making their business thrive or taking the time to deal with other priorities where they want to concentrate.

Dynalogic's employees are thorough, efficient and honest. They do not sell or represent customer products, so their assistance and counseling is unbiased. If you are a small business, busy professional, senior, frequent traveler, or just overwhelmed, Dynalogic Personal Services can help you.

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Jim Blakeway